A Bit Mo' is the latest development of ANH Hausbesitz. It is located in the district of Moabit, which is part of Berlin-Mitte.

The complex consists of two buildings, no.103 and no.104, plus an underground parking garage.

Both houses were built around the turn of the

20th century and are located next to the historical site of the former Meierei Bolle.

The construction began in spring of 2016. The building at Alt-Moabit 103, #103, has been completely renovated, restructured and refurbished and is finished since September 2017.

Meanwhile the #104, located at Alt-Moabit 104, has been renovated to the same extent, since May 2017.

A lively place with 6.150 sqm of office space as well as a colourful mix of stores, shops and coffee bars is being created.
All of it
WHEN IT's done
6.150 sqm
WHAT it's got

Two buildings, one project

Where it's at

Alt-Moabit 103/104

10559 Berlin

+49 160 979 488 40


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