• Ground level showroom

  • Parquet flooring

  • Electrical and data cabling including high-voltage connections

  • Metal facade with store windows to "Kleiner Tiergarten" park

  • Scissor gates for additional security

  • Ancillary costs 4.00 €/sqm

  • Available immediately

  • Optional parking spaces in underground parking garage available
  • Optional basement storage available
Location of the space
16,00 €
421,72 sqm


Floor plan

Alt-Moabit 103 : Groundfloor right side

Alt-Moabit 103

Top floor left side
423,69 sqm
rented out
Top floor right side
216,34 sqm
rented out
4th floor left side
439,03 sqm
25,00 €
More info
4th floor right side
290,45 sqm
rented out
3rd floor left side
437,85 sqm
rented out
3rd floor right side
290,62 sqm
rented out
2nd floor left side
431,38 sqm
rented out
2nd floor right side
286,10 sqm
rented out
1st floor left side
426,85 sqm
rented out
1st floor right side
278,02 sqm
rented out
Groundfloor central
112,40 qm
rented out
Groundfloor right side
421,72 sqm
16,00 €
More info
Groundfloor left side
57,37 sqm
rented out
Groundfloor courtyard
87,10 sqm
23,50 €
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Two buildings, one project

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